Friday, June 03, 2005


Tonight I've finished my 7 circles.
1680 problems in 83 days.
Now I can sleep again on decent times, do something in the house, feed my pets and husband with home coocked meals, do some trout fishing, see the sun again, (is it still hanging there?) hang out with my choir friends and have a beer after singing, instead of running home to do my circles.
I think I have family somewhere, I hope they did not forget me.
I feel like a chess-junk, I do even dream of chess positions.
In my mind was all the music gone, I didn't compose a note.
But now I returned from dwelling in this misty chess limbo, Princess Errant came back to good old earth.
Tomorrow when the sun shines I will take my canoe and relax on this magnificent water in front of my house.
Rest at last.
For a short while.
Now in july we shall see if the work was usefull or not.
Then we do 2 big tournaments, each 10 days, with only 1 day rest in between.
Now I will start with a cd from Renko, ánd start studying endgames. but I will take the time.
I have to prepare new music for my 3 choirs, for the next season, and that is a lot of work.
By the way, I've loved doing tactics, after all you can only do these things if you enjoy them.
And now, my fellow knights, I would like to thank you for being there.
Keep courage!
Lady Caissa is maybe a little relentless for us, poor dwelling souls, but yet she is an inspiring Goddess.
See you back in the Hall of Fame, guys!