Friday, November 30, 2007

Sinterklaas and Chess

For our friends who live at the other side of the ocean a little explanation:
Sinterklaas is an old bishop (350 year or so) who lives in Spain. He comes every year to Holland to celebrate his birthday on 5 December. From the day of his arrival (around 16e November children can set their shoes near the fireplace and the next morning they find presents in it.
People who don't believe in Sint Nicolaas anymore make funny presents (never expensive) for eachother and write poems. The poems allways have a little teasing in it. On 5 December we drink hot chocolate milk, and eat candies like 'speculaas', and 'pepernoten'.
This is how Sint Nicolaas does his work

At our previous chessclub there were all kinds of happenings, like Sinterklaas playing against the whole club, and we played Fischer random. Another round we were switching every five minutes boards with our right neighbour. Imagin what happens then ! every time a totally new situation, good or bad. Fun!
There was allso a round were some people (random numbers) had to move their King if possible or get an extra bishop! There was of course hot chocolate milk, and our traditional candies.
Traditional the servant of Sint Nicolaas throws everywhere! sweets around so this happened at our chessclub too; big mess!
It makes such a difference if the management of a chessclub is a group of enthusiastic, fun-loving guys!
Alas, after we did not have a car anymore this club was to far away. So we play for only one club now.
I wonder if they do something special on sinterklaas evening, I really hope so!


Blue Devil Knight said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Margriet said...

yes it is blue, but how is the situation at your chessclub?
is there a lot going on?

Blue Devil Knight said...

I don't have a chessclub around here. It has been dead for a couple of years. I've thought about starting one but time time time!!!

Anonymous said...

Why so official? those things grow naturally
Just go to your local pub once a week and bring your chessboard with you. Later there will be more chessfriends, and before you know,there is a club!
Instead of playing behind the computer go out

iw said...


I have added your site to my links. I was wondering if you could do the same.

Getting to 2000


Getting to 2000

Temposchlucker said...
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chess addict said...

Hi! can we xlink with my chess blog which features daily chess updates and news? just let me know and i'll add you..thank you.

Admin said...

sinterklasss haha

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